Anthem Kids Volunteers

The goal of our Children and Student Ministries at Anthem Church is to encourage all youth to be fully devoted followers of Christ. We invite them to know Christ in a way that transforms their daily lives and the lives of those around them. With that goal in mind, we base our ministry on these guiding principles while also anticipating the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

We believe that God’s Word as found in the Bible is foundational truth. It is our heart to train every child and student to use God’s Word with the illumination of the Holy Spirit as their guide and authority in everything.

We believe that life-change happens best in the context of relationships. Gifted, Godly, passionate adults who exhibit Christ to children, their families, and each other will show kids how to do the same. This modeling will impact God’s Kingdom for generations to come.

We believe that serving God is EXCITING and church should be FUN. We want to cultivate/nurture the faith of our youth by creating positive memorable experiences that reflect the joy of serving Jesus while learning the truth of God’s word

We believe in inspiring youth to greatness in the Lord by pursuing excellence in our programs and activities while remaining biblical, relevant and effective.

We believe in giving our youth a sanitary, emotionally safe, and physically secure environment while growing spiritually at Anthem Church. We are committed to exceptional standards in these areas.

What should I consider if I want to volunteer with Anthem Kids? 

It is important to enjoy spending time with youth; however that is not enough when becoming a volunteer. Volunteers must meet specific criteria before being trusted to care for and guide our youth. Read the following question below and if you are able to answer yes to all, you are qualified to help with our Children and Student Ministries.

    • Do you believe you are justified by God’s grace through Jesus Christ and not by your own actions? Is your faith and assurance for eternal life centered in the cross of Christ, his death and resurrection? Are you able to speak of this to our children and students ?
    • Do you take the Holy Scriptures seriously as the foundation for your faith? Do you read the Bible regularly and are willing to use it to teach the youth of God’s love and faithfulness?
    • Do you participate in corporate worship regularly to hear the Word of God, be nurtured in the faith, and grow in unity with the body of Christ?
    • Do you have an understanding of Anthem Church’s mission to children and students? Do you desire and do all you can to accomplish this mission while working with our young people?
    • Do you understand the policies and procedures of our church as defined in this handbook, and are you willing to uphold them in your ministry?
    • Do you model behavior into which we hope our young people will grow, including the use of appropriate attire and language?
    • Do you participate in worship service and a small group?
    • Do you have an active prayer life? Do you find ways of living your faith every day at home and work?
    • Do you understand the nature of our ministry to children and students – that the development and nurturing of Christ-centered relationships, and not just the proliferation of fun activities – is the key to reaching our goals?
How do we screen our volunteers? 

We have established a screening process that ensures youth volunteers have no previous record of criminal child abuse and will abide by the procedures and policies of this handbook. This procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Application: Each person who applies to work with students and children must have been actively attending Anthem Church for at least 6 months. (Actively attending means to regularly attend worship services and a small group, and has expressed desire for long-term commitment to Anthem Church)
  2. Criminal History Check: All applicants will undergo a criminal history check using Checker to search nationally for any information that would disqualify an adult from working with our children.
  3. Interview: Each potential volunteer will interview with a Pastoral Staff Member or a Ministry Coordinator at Anthem Church to discuss these forms, applicant’s character/biblical viewpoints and the position desired. If deemed satisfactory, the applicant’s name will be submitted for approval to Lead Pastor and Ministry Coordinator.

Anthem Church reserves the right to revoke any volunteer’s ability to serve in Children or Student Ministry when deemed appropriate by the Anthem Church leadership team.