Next Steps

Most churches have no shortage of programs and events.

In fact, churches are great at filling the calendar… but does busyness produce spiritual growth?  In the Great Commission of Matthew 28:28-30, Jesus gave one clear mission: make disciples. To that end, our desire at Anthem is to make disciple.

But how do people become disciples and grow in their walk with God and others?  We believe that the key is not in disconnected programs, but what we call a Discipleship Pathway.  A discipleship pathway is a roadmap for spiritual growth where each step is clear, and corresponds to a next step people can take as they grow in their relationship with God.

To be clear, spiritual growth is unique for each individual and unlike physical growth, is rarely linear.  However, the Discipleship Pathway at Anthem provides orientation and clear steps a believer can take to take in order to take ownership of their faith journey.

At Anthem Church, we define the four major steps of our Discipleship Pathway as:

  1. Receiving the Gospel and growing in intimacy with God.
  2. Gathering with believers in worship and community
  3. Serving the church, the community and the world
  4. Making disciples by sharing their faith and walking others through the pathway.


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